Décopatch wall shelves

Discover our adult Décopatch kit: Wall shelves!

Take some time for yourself and create 3 pretty floral shelves.
All the materials you need are included for a relaxing creative experience. Embellish your space with elegance and let your creativity flourish!

Reference Kit044C

  Step 1: Take a pencil and a pair of scissors.   Step 2 : Place the base of the shelf flat on one of the sheets of paper in the kit and trace its outline with a pencil.   Step 3 : Tear off approximately 2cm pieces of paper.
  Step 4 : Glue the papier-mâché shelf with Décopatch varnish-glue.   Step 5 : Place the cut-out paper on the shelf and apply a new coat of varnish-glue. Repeat the process over the entire surface, overlapping the papers.    Step 6 : Place the paper base cut-out on the shelf and apply a fresh coat of glue varnish.





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