DIY: Small candleholders

Discover the DIY Petits Bougeoirs by Kriboute

These little candleholders are easy to make with self-hardening clay and decorate with limited-edition Décopatch papers.
All you need is varnish-glue and a brush to fix your papers.

A signed DIY Kriboute

  Bougeoir Décopatch Kriboute   Bougeoir Décopatch Kriboute   Bougeoir Décopatch Kriboute
  Kriboute 's creativity knows no bounds!     Each candleholder is an individual work of art, reflecting her imagination and artistic sensibility.     Using a skilful combination of Decopatch paper and self-hardening paste, she creates unique pieces that brighten up any space.



Bougeoir Décopatch Kriboute   Bougeoir Décopatch Kriboute


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