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Inspiring experiences

At Décopatch, we believe in the power of creativity to bring joy and colour into the lives of others. That's why we're proud to offer enriching and inclusive experiences to those who need them. A recent testimonial at the Décopatch Workshops at the Romans Ferrari centre on Thursday 22 February 2024 perfectly illustrates our core values.

The half-day event was a true celebration of diversity and creativity. From the moment they arrived, participants were warmly welcomed and immersed in a world of colour and possibility. In the neuro department, the children were invited to explore their creativity through the art of Decopatch. Their beaming smiles and enthusiasm lit up the room as they freely expressed their creativity.

Sharing moments of complicity

When they joined the children from the ortho-brulo unit for another dynamic workshop, the experience continued with just as much joy and dynamism. Not only did the little artists add touches of colour to their daily lives, they also shared moments of complicity and friendship as a group. It was much more than just an artistic activity; it was an opportunity to discover each other and forge lasting bonds.

Over the course of the day, the Décopatch workshops brought together groups of children aged between 10 and 16, with a variety of pathologies and disabilities. Despite their differences, all were able to participate actively and express their creativity with enthusiasm. This inclusive artistic experience strengthened the bonds between carers and young patients, creating an atmosphere of mutual support and understanding.

Atelier Décopatch

Atelier Décopatch

At Décopatch, we are proud to promote creativity, inclusion and togetherness through our actions. We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to enriching experiences that stimulate the imagination and promote well-being. Together, we build memories that will stay in our hearts and in those of our communities.
Join us in our commitment to these fundamental values, and together let's continue to create a world where creativity is celebrated, where everyone finds their place, and where the bonds between people are strengthened through shared moments of inspiration and togetherness.
 Atelier Décopatch


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